Resource Roundup

This week I've made a fairly comprehensive list of resources for social media and digital design. Check them out below the cut.

Social Media

Buffer - Buffer is a decent enough service that will queue social posts for you. And that's fine, but more importantly, you should sign up for their mailing list and follow them on Twitter because they post really insightful and interesting advice and guidelines for social content, like this guide to visual content.

E-nor - This organization is a partner with Google Analytics, and while their website might look boring they have a variety of helpful posts and tools like this Google Analytics URL Builder for better tracking, or this entry about which social metrics you should be tracking.


PlaceIt - If you don't have a graphic designer in house, creating graphics for social can be a pain. PlaceIt is a quick and easy WYSIWG tool for creating interesting graphics on the fly.

SoundDrown - Need some white noise? You can combine sounds with SoundDrown. I'm a big fan of rainfall and trains.

Doodle - This is the easiest way I've found to schedule a meeting when you want to have several options and see which day works best for everyone.

IFTTT - If This, Then That is a service that will automatically take actions based on different recipes (scripts) that you can enable. For instance, every time I post something on Tumblr it saves a copy to my Evernote.

Golden Ratio Calculator - Yes, exactly what it sounds like.


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